Basic Statistics: Tales of Distributions

8th Edition

Chris Spatz

Study Guide by Hakala & Spatz

Study Guide

Textbook Corrections Study Guide Corrections

Corrections:     Errors seem to be  inevitable in textbooks.   However, I am very eager to find every error  in the text and the study guide and to post corrections. As an incentive, I pay $2.50 to the first person who reports an error. I also list the person's name and school. E-mail me at spatz@hendrix.edu.

About the CD that comes free with the textbook:    You must have internet access to use the CD, except for Chapter 16, Power.

About the Wadsworth Website (Student Companion Website):    Multiple Choice Questions, Crossword Puzzles, Flashcards, Glossary words, and an Errata List are posted. Go to http://www.wadsworth.com/psychology and type Spatz in the Search Box. Click on the book title and then on Student Companion Site. Select the chapter you want.