How to stop cheating


Hello everyone. My story may seem silly, but still it hurts me a long time. I have been married for 15 years. And the last 4-5 years I have constantly cheated on his wife. The strange thing is that the family we have a quiet atmosphere, and I still pulls to the left. Maybe because my wife has ceased to attract me sexually, but I love her for her character.

So I have often had fleeting relationships that are not usually lasted longer than 3 months, were often due to the girls of easy virtue and to segodnyashengo moment I never tortured conscience and fear of losing everything. I now have a mistress who is younger than me. We meet her just a month and I also know that this relationship will last longer not even a couple of months.

But in recent years I began to feel that my wife began to speculate about the adventures of my left and I was scared ... Scared that she dumped me. But I love her, but all these adventures - this is just a way to quench my flesh zhelaenie and no more. Just if you give up all these adventure, I keep the family together, but then extinguish their sexual desire? To tell his wife about it as something that has become poseksualney to start attracting me, I can not. Go to the left, too scary. It seems that a little more and then I will destroy my family ... And that I do not want to ...

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